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Letterwork: if you need lettering — big lettering, small lettering, great lettering or fantastic lettering — we'll make it.

The crop of the cream

IVAN VELICHKO is awesome at creating logos for juices and fast-food as well as intimate tattoos. Oh, he's also the one who answers the phone when you call Letterwork.

ALEXANDRA KOROLKOVA is the best when it comes to letterings with twirls. Also she's the one who wrote "Live typographics" book and also a leading designer behind PT Sans, PT Serif and PT Mono fonts. Art director at Paratype. Charles Peignot award winner. The best.

ELENA NOVOSELOVA — the author behind the most beautiful Russian font Bodoni. She also had worked at Artemiy Lebedev Studio where she created the logotype for Yandex.